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    Vahe (SpiR) Sahakyan


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    All Armenian Media Association page

    All Armenia Media Association was founded on the desicion of the third All Armenian Mass Media conference of September 17, 2006 held in Tsakhadzor.

    The Association has an aim to unite the mass media means of Diaspora, Artsakh and Armenia on national concept and state strengthening. It will organize active media exchange within Diaspora, Artsakh and Armenia Mass Media Organizations, by this creating open electronic database, where the information from all over the world on issues of iportance for all Armenians will be gathered.

    In this section the visitors of the page who are not the members of the Association have an opportunity to get acquainted with the Charter of the Association, to get information about the members of the Association, as well as to get an information about thier organization's membership.

    The members of the Association (if they are preliminarily entered the system by clicking [Enter] button)besides the mentioned sections, can see and participate in the current voting of the Association [Current Voting], to have a look at the votings history [Archive], as well as to see their previous votings [My previous votings]

    The member organization of the Association also has a right to edit or make changes in their profiles [My Profile].

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